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A Symphony of Flavors:
The Akasha Experience

Akasha’s culinary journey is an ode to Belize, featuring a menu where 100% of the dishes showcase the vibrancy of native ingredients. The culinary team, led by Chef Serrano, artfully crafts each dish to elevate the island’s rich bounty to new heights. From fresh seafood caught just off the coast to exotic fruits and spices sourced locally, Akasha promises an unparalleled gastronomic adventure.

Akasha Bar and Lounge

Located on the third floor of the Aruna Club House, Akasha Bar and Resto boasts stunning open sky views of Ambergris Caye. Inspired by the word Akasha, which represents the evanescent energy that fills the space of elemental creation, Akasha is a space of infinite possibility. This is a place where you can indulge in a cosmic cup of perfectly crafted ingredients and vibrant creations while making space for the next version of you.

Aruna Restaurant

Aruna Restaurant brings together world-class dining in a way that is accessible and balanced. Selecting only the finest ingredients available both locally and internationally we marry flavors and textures of traditional South American ingredients with a cross over from Asia and India, toprovide a unique epicurean culinary adventure.

Chef carlos serrano

With two decades of industry expertise, Chef Carlos Serrano stands as a seasoned professional at the forefront of BTH (Broken Table Hospitality), embodying the progressive essence of modern foodservice consultancy. His journey began as a chef, catapulting him into the international culinary arena, where he quickly became a notable figure. 

Cosmic Cocktails

Delivering an apothecary of high-end potions, we want you to drink well. We serve a select menu of seasonal, contemporary, and cosmic cocktails and expand beyond the boundaries of traditional bar menus. Each beverage is thoughtfully made in-house with local spices, spirits, and fresh ingredients. Let your spirit pour out as we infuse you with spirits that will bring you into a state of liberated libation bliss.