social and environmental leadership

Built with an Eco-Mindset

We believe in co-existing with nature and we strive for an innate sense of balance in everything we do. Our goal from the start was to ensure that the resort was as much a part of the environment as possible, complementing nature and preserving it for the future. We’ve invested in minimizing Aruna’s eco-footprint to both honor and protect the land and its natural resources. Here, our guests can savor and celebrate their reconnection to Mother Earth.

Minimize Ecological Impact, Maximize Sustainability

Minimizing ecological impact and maximizing sustainable efforts are key to our identity. Aruna is committed to developing responsible tourism practices that support the communities we belong to. Our furniture was built locally and all wood was locally sourced in Belize to ensure we’ve met the highest standards for environmental stewardship and conservation. For us, sustainability isn’t a movement, it’s a fundamental necessity of all blissful endeavours.

Our Commitment to Inclusivity

People are all the centre of all worthy endeavours, and at Aruna, inclusion is built into our operational blueprint. Our cultural legacy is rooted in meaningful human connection, and it’s our promise to be leaders of inclusion, compassion, and wellbeing. Here, everyone is valued for who they are and for their unique purpose in the world. Our differences are as natural as each singular rising sun, and like a sunrise, something that is meant to be celebrated.

  • We are committed to hiring locally and ensuring that every employee is supported, respected, and safe at work.
  • We believe in celebrating all cultural events and holidays of various backgrounds.
  • We aim to fill gaps, rather than to perpetuate them through open hiring practices, education and training, and encouraging oneness through individuality.
  • We push for a greater awareness in honoring our differences in a way that inspires positive action.
  • We work with strict, no-tolerance policies when it comes to our diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • We take care of our people, always.